When No One is Looking

Today I was shopping in Walmart and at one point I was shopping for beads for my craft projects in the discount bead bin, a lot of the bags had broken open and there was loose beads everywhere.. and there, at the bottom of the bin was the ones I had been looking for… I had tried buying the bag last week but when I got to register I realized it was open and most of them had spilled out.  Now I really wanted those beads… they were super pretty, and the thought occurred to me that I could just take them and no one would ever know.  The thought was in my head for a split second before I scoffed it away.  I’ll eventually find the beads in another bag and I will buy them then, it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

Throughout the rest of the shopping trip it dawned on me that I try to always do the right thing, even when I know I can get away with doing something less than honest… even when no one is looking.  As I loaded my groceries in to my car, scooped up my daughter and walked my cart to the coral I thought about how wonderful the world would be if everyone lived that way, or even if everyone in the world practiced that same philosophy even just once a day.  Even if it was just putting the cart in the cart coral instead of leaving it in the spot next to you.  I mean really, how much longer does it take out of your day.

So I call upon everyone reading my posts to try this, if you don’t already.  Simply do the right thing, with no hope for reward.  Pick up a piece of trash on the floor at your job, even if you didn’t put it there or its not your responsibility.  If a cashier gives you the wrong change, give it back.  Live your live like you are being filmed for reality TV.

Do it because its the right thing, even when no one is looking.


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