Intuitive Parenting

Today I decided that I don’t really like the name attachment parenting, it can conjure up all sorts of images that do not necessarily depict it in the best light… though I do live most of the concepts of ap’ing.  I have decided that I am NOT an attachment parent… I am an intuitive parent.

I let my instincts rule me and I follow my gut and intuition.  I don’t rationalize my feelings towards how I raise my kids, or follow what someone else says… I just DO.  I have always lived my life that way, whether it was picking a career, deciding what people I wanted in my life or even when picking my homeopathic and natural remedies.  I just do whatever feels right to me at the time.  Its not always the same, but most of the time it is.

So follow your heart instead of a book, your friends and family or even your doctor… do what you feel is right for you and yours… if you truly do then you will never be let down.


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